Interior Trends Fall 2013: Love the detail’s most exquisite Part2

Tabletops and other important things

Without tables bar would not work-that goes without saying. What else would you leave your glass or his cup when the phone rings suddenly? So why not even put on individual tables and high value and use it as a showcase for their own bar?

Emphasis is mainly due to the exclusivity of the tabletops value. They shape their appearance the atmosphere of a bar or a club crucial. Not only that, the compact high-tech plates have a particularly elegant look and are easy to care for-they can also act as a business card of the location. This fall, the individual and self-designed restaurateurs table top print is a favorite of interior design concepts.

Tables are not the same

However, tables are not only one of the visual highlights a bar. The practical effect should never be ignored and is just at the Fall Trends 2013 much attention. Equipped with fully height adjustable columns, a table, which was still noon parking for the spaghetti plate, must be in no time at high table at a champagne reception in the evening.

Coffee Tables-great attention to detail

Light Stool for the establishment of a BarLeuchthocker and coffee tables for an individual bar furnishings. On a coffee table will not only be drinks and snacks an empty seat, also vases, candles or beverage cards can be placed on it and presented effectively. They form-whether timeless or fit for the season-the ideal place for a pleasant lounge decoration.

The Fall trends 2013 offer plenty of room for caterers any kind, the tables, chairs and sofas are not only the absolute eye-catcher and the exclusive attractions of each bar-they are practical, varied, high quality and above all: Individual!